Daily Golf de Buc - Toussus Le Noble - UGOLF

The compact 9-hole course, a par 28 of 1153m, is made up of 8 par 3 and one par 4. The holes are between 85 and 265 m. It is the ideal place to prepare for a competition, to work on your precision with the flag, and to play for 1 hour while facing varied and difficult playing situations that can be found on an 18-hole course.

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Tarif public 25€
Daily Golf de Buc - Toussus Le Noble - UGOLF
1 rue de la Croix Blanche
78530 Buc

Tel : 0139209564
Email : contact@golfdebuc.fr
www : http://jouer.golf/buc-daily/
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Mauvais accueil. Mauvais comportement de certains joueurs avec l'assentiment du management !