Golf du Colorado

The Colorado Golf Club is the highest in Reunion - and undoubtedly in the Indian Ocean - with an average altitude of 600 m. Its 9 holes allow you to admire magnificent landscapes, from Sainte-Marie airport in the northeast to Saint-Paul in the west of the island. Reputed to be technical because of its sometimes "breathless" unevenness and omnipresent slopes (you rarely have your feet flat), it is not a very long course, but succeeding in a good map is not within the reach of the first one. come (the regulars, more than elsewhere, are quite advantaged).

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Tarif public 40€
Golf du Colorado
52 Zone de Loisirs Le Colorado
97417 La Réunion

Tel : 0262237950
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Patrick B.
Excellent parcours
Comparé aux autres parcours de la Réunion le parcours du Colorado est court, mais il est très technique car le golfeur n’aura jamais les pieds à plat. C’est aussi un parcours très vallonné qui se mérite.